What a lunar eclipse! (too bad it was cloudy)

As you might know, the weather did not cooperate for our planned observing session of the total lunar eclipse. What was also unusual was that this eclipse occurred on the night of the winter solstice (the longest night of the year for the northern hemisphere).   The last time both happened on the same day was on Dec. 21, 1638 and it won’t happen again until Dec. 21, 2094!   Fortunately, the SLOOH.com telescope was streaming live eclipse images out on the web. I could not resist sacrificing a little sleep time and grab some screen images during the eclipse. Around totality, I grabbed a series of images. Using Registax 5 software, it was possible to stack these and enhance the detail in the images. The results were pretty cool. You probably have seen some of these on the web or in the newspaper but here is another for your enjoyment!

Clear Skies!
Randy B

Lunar eclipse images processed with Registax 5

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