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An Unusual Variable Star in Auriga

Auriga is the “Charioteer” in the sky, and is quite prominent in the sky now. Its brightest star is Capella. A fairly bright star (3rd magnitude) not far away from Capella called epsilon Aurigae is undergoing one of its unusual … Continue reading

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Another Nova in Scutum

Another nova was tentitively discovered by H. Nishimura in Japan and I went to the observatory Tues night to see if I could confirm it. Yup – its there! I took an AAVSO finder chart wit me, but it was … Continue reading

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Adventures in Guiding. . .

I spent some time last Saturday evening taking images of some galaxies.  I wanted to get a good wide field image of M33 in Triangulum which was nearly overhead.  M33 (along with the Andromeda Galaxy) is part of our local … Continue reading

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Public Viewing Tonight (Sat 11/7)

The observatory will be open tonight from 6:30 to 9:00 for public viewing in the large onference room.  Club members will project live images from the telescope onto the view screen.  See you there!

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