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Long Time Exposures for Deep Space

The CCD cameras at the observatory are very light sensitive but have a smaller number of “megapixels” as compared to the digital camera that you may be using at home. The CCD chip in many digital cameras today might also … Continue reading

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October 10th Pewaukee Sky talk – Jupiter: King of the Planets!

Hello all! You have seen the nice image of Jupiter that we obtained with the telescope. On Saturday night, 7PM on October 10th, I am planning to do the talk specifically on Jupiter. It will make use of many of … Continue reading

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Fun Imaging Jupiter

On Thursday night, 9/10/09, Mike Paquette and Randy Buchwald tried some webcam imaging of Jupiter using the Harken 12” scope. A webcam is the same thing that you might have attached to your PC for Skype video contacts. While it … Continue reading

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Hubble telescope is back in business!

Check out the following link for the post-servicing mission pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  These pictures showcase some of the new capabilities installed during the last servicing mission in May.  I think they are amazing and speak for … Continue reading

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Balancing the telescope

Balancing the telescope tube is essential to good slewing and tracking.  Putting the guide scope on top of the tube messes with the balance in two axes.  Both axes must be brought back into balance by moving the counterweight under the … Continue reading

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