Welcome to the web page for the Pewaukee Astronomy Club. We are a group of volunteers whose purpose is to share our interest in astronomy with each other and the public. We operate the Harken Observatory perched atop the Pewaukee Public Library.

The Harken Astronomical Observatory provides education and brings the wonders of our incredible universe to families of our community in the friendly and casual environment of our new library.

We strive to open the observatory to project images to the viewing room on clear Saturday evenings. Club members will operate the equipment and project images in the library conference room. The public is invited to join us at these events.

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  1. Gary Kelderhouse says:

    Interested in Astrophysics….particle physics…..worked in the field for 45 years….
    Would like to see what you have, however……compared to the Yerkes Observatory.
    Maybe I can contribute….at least some of my time, if that would be useful?

  2. Suzann Beckel says:

    The study of objects outside our galaxy is a branch of astronomy concerned with the formation and evolution of Galaxies; their morphology and classification; and the examination of active galaxies, and the groups and clusters of galaxies. The latter is important for the understanding of the large-scale structure of the cosmos.’..*

    Please do find out about our favorite internet page

  3. Vern L says:

    Hi – I’m interested in learning about the club, and possibly becoming a member. Am I welcome to attend the meeting this Wednesday?

  4. Sarah says:

    Are any or all event geared toward kids? Please keep me updated on events.

  5. haywood young says:

    would like to know when the next Saturday viewing date and time is

  6. We will be moving to Brookfield Highlands this fall to be nearer family. We look forward to getting well acquainted with you all.
    Dick & Nancy Hodgson

  7. Gayle Millard says:

    I know you guys get to the observatory b4 sunset sometimes. There is said to be an object SSW just after sunset. Naked eye viewable. Not Venus. My view is obstructed here. Have you seen anything and if not could you look?

    Supposably in the same spot nightly and getting brighter. Pix would be awesome.

  8. Hi, my girlfriend and I were wanting to come to a event soon and was wondering if you could give me a e-mail back I’d like to know when we should be there this Saturday if the weather permits. Thank you!

    -Forrest Biersach

  9. Kimberly Eisendrath says:

    I am a locally Pewaukee resident and was wondering if you feature any kids &/or family focused events. If so, I would love participate with my husband & 9 year old daughter.

    • Caz says:

      All of our events are intended for the general public. Our event in December is tentatively about what it would be like to live on Mars, and should be directed to kids: one of the presenters is a teenager.

      Casimir Laska, web admin

  10. Aaron says:

    I’d be interested in taking my Cub Scouts to that event. Can you provide dates and times of the December event?

    • Caz says:


      I have just updated the web site to include details about the next presentation. Notices will also be published in the local newspapwers. Hope to see you there.

  11. Danielle D. DePas says:

    Please inform me when the next presentation at the Harken Observatory will be. I am very interested and just only found out about this a few days ago. Thank you very much, Danielle DePas.

    • Caz says:

      Hi Danielle-

      Thank you for the interest in the Club. The Club gives a free presentation at the Pewaukee Library during the second Saturday of each month. The topic for the next presentation is published on the web site about a week before the presentation, as well as in local newspapers. We encourage you to check the home page of the web site, and hope to see you at the next presentation on April 12 at 7 PM.

  12. Dottie Watson says:

    Please keep me informed of programs.

    • Caz says:

      Hi Dottie-

      The Club gives a free presentation on the second Saturday of each month. The topics are posted on the web site about a week in advance, so we encourage you to check the web site. We hope to see you at the next presentation on April 12.

  13. Cristine Smith says:

    I am from the Pewaukee Junior Women’s Club. I was wondering if you would have dates for any observing events at the library for October or November 2014. If that is too far out, when are your next events and are kids invited? Thanks!

    • Caz says:

      Hi Chrintine-

      Thank you for your interest in the club.
      Observation times are subject to having clear skies, and thus cannot be predicted far in advance. However, the Club has a presentation or other program every second Saturday of each month. All the topics are posted about a week in advance. Kids are always invited to the Saturday evening programs.

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