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HT Cassiopeia – Light Curve (Part 2)

The 600 images collected during the observing session were analyzed photometrically using the capabilities of the MAXIM DL5 software. There are numerous reference/comparison stars available for the analysis as shown on an AAVSO finder chart obtained at under the … Continue reading

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HT Cassiopeia – an Amazing Binary Star System (Part 1)

On November 2nd, a new AAVSO Special Notice (#221) arrived in my email inbox. HT Cas is a dwarf nova star in the constellation of Cassiopeia (the one that looks like a “W” and is currently well placed in our … Continue reading

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Observations of an Exoplanet!

Last Wednesday night we lucked out with clear sky conditions and relatively good seeing to observe something amazing: the transit of an exoplanet! HD80606b is a planet that is four times larger than Jupiter, orbiting one star of a binary … Continue reading

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An Unusual Variable Star in Auriga

Auriga is the “Charioteer” in the sky, and is quite prominent in the sky now. Its brightest star is Capella. A fairly bright star (3rd magnitude) not far away from Capella called epsilon Aurigae is undergoing one of its unusual … Continue reading

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Another Nova in Scutum

Another nova was tentitively discovered by H. Nishimura in Japan and I went to the observatory Tues night to see if I could confirm it. Yup – its there! I took an AAVSO finder chart wit me, but it was … Continue reading

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Adventures in Guiding. . .

I spent some time last Saturday evening taking images of some galaxies.  I wanted to get a good wide field image of M33 in Triangulum which was nearly overhead.  M33 (along with the Andromeda Galaxy) is part of our local … Continue reading

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Nova in Sagittarius

Image of the nova – a star that was not visible there before. A little while back, I subscribed to the special notice bulletins from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). I thought that it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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Long Time Exposures for Deep Space

The CCD cameras at the observatory are very light sensitive but have a smaller number of “megapixels” as compared to the digital camera that you may be using at home. The CCD chip in many digital cameras today might also … Continue reading

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